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The joint-stock company “RRI “Electronstandart” executes investment projects of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade “Technical re-equipment of the basic EEE testing and certification center (including foreign EEE) to provide reliability of electronic radio equipment of the high-priority complexes and weaponry, military and special equipment systems" and “Reconstruction and technical re-equipment of the test center to provide the complex of works of encapsulation and testing of functionally complex integral circuits”

A wide range of R&D works is conducted for the benefit of and in close contact with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and the Space agency:

- development of methods of accelerated reliability evaluation for electronic devices produced as single samples and in small lots with various kinds of production (discontinuous and erratic); development of Military-Oriented Guidelines project;

- improvement of the reference and information system and updating of the data base on reliability and radiation resistance of integrated circuits according to testing and calculation results;

- development  of methods of quick quality audit for the promising foreign electronic components.

JSC “RRI “Electronstandart” is carrying out a large amount of works in the field of standardization:

- providing functioning of branch standardization systems and quality management certification systems as well as development of the required organizational and methodological documents for this purpose;

- development and revision of the state military and national standards in terms of improvement of the regulatory technical support of the military and dual-purpose EEE creation and application processes for equipping the strategically valuable facilities with the Electronic Radio Equipment in accordance with the project “Complex EEE standardization program until 2020”;

- improvement of the system providing the enterprises with regulatory documents using computer technologies and electronic communication facilities;

- protection of the industry interests when developing inter-branch documents on technical regulation.  

JSC “RSRI “Electronstandart” has developed the project of “Complex standardization program for military and commercial EEE for the period until 2020” involving the development of about 250 state military and national standards and its revisions.

At present, JSC “RSRI “Electronstandart” is the holder of the specification and technical documentation collection for the electronic component base. This collection contains about 9 thousand standards and 17 thousand specifications. New reference books for Electronic Component Base including the information about newly developed specifications and revisions of the previously introduced documents are developed.

As the standards authority for electronic devices for almost over 50 years, JSC “RRI “Electronstandart” has been representing our country at the International Electrotechnical Commission and is also at the head of the 303rd technical committee of the Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology of the Russian Federation.

The Institute customers interested in specifications and reference documentation are 1300 enterprises of radioelectronic, instrumentation manufacturing, aviation, electrotechnical and other branches of industry.

Significant area of the institute work is the quality management system certification of the industry branch enterprises in accordance with the requirements of the following standards: GOST ISO 9001-2011, GOST RV 0015-002-2012, RD V 319.015-2006

The institute has a metrological center of physical and technical measurements equipped with working standards and high-accuracy measurement tools.

Test center is included in the established Interdepartmental center of Electronic Component Base radiation tests as the basic test center of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

Automated control system covering the full test cycle is introduced. The system provides the quality of test performance and allows the test center customers to obtain current information about the course of testing.

On the base of JSC “RSRI “Electronstandart” test center, the Center with multiple-access to the scientific equipment is established in order to render services to the Electronic Component Base and Electronic Radio Equipment developers in terms of qualification, certification and screening tests of the domestically produced and foreign products as well as using the scientific equipment for exploratory and applied research.

Research and test laboratory for electronic packages is established

Methodology of product identification and counterfeit detection is developed


In accordance with the federal law “Privatization of Government Property”, the enterprise is reorganized into JSC “RSRI “Electronstandart”.


The institute is renamed as the Russian Scientific Research Institute “Electronstandart”


The enterprise is renamed as All-Union scientific research institute “Electronstandart”.

The institute is assigned as the parent enterprise in the Committee of defense sectors of industry in standardization, metrology, reliability, radiation resistance of electronic devices as well as development of control and measuring instruments and test equipment.

Nondestructive control and testing methods for materials and Electronic Component Base are introduced


Planning and Design Bureau (PKB-170) is reorganized into the Scientific research institute of electronics normalization and testing (NIINIET)

Departments and laboratories for special research and testing of materials and electronic items are organized at NIINIET and the leading enterprises of MEI (Ministry of Electronics Industry).
1950 A series of all-union state standards “Drawing management system” is developed and brought into force

The first volume of the series of reference books on electronic products is published

Equipment for radio-technical product testing for the impact of climatic and mechanical factors is under development.

Samples of the first technical standard documents, general specifications 1, general specifications 2 “General specifications on ground-based communication equipment” are established introducing the requirements and methods for mechanical and climatic tests for the first time.

Electrodynamic percussive units, electronic item tester, micromodule tester are released

Planning and Design Bureau (PKB-170) is assigned as the leading organization of the Ministry on departmental normalization

June 4th, 1943

Establishment of the Planning and Design Bureau (PKB-170)

The main areas of the Planning and Design Bureau (PKB-170) work are: works of standardization and unification of radar equipment nodes and elements, studies of the foreign radioelectronic equipment samples, individual radar development, issuing of review materials for enterprises. 


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