Certification tests

Foreign electronic components lot

    • Preparation step

      • Studying scientific and technical documentation of foreign electronic components producers
      • Development and manufacture of measuring and testing equipment
      • Development of software for programming high functional foreign electronic components
      • Development of software for combining high functional foreign electronic components with the measuring system

    • 100% foreign electronic components incoming test

      • Dimension and mounting dimension check
      • Visual and marking inspection
      • Static and dynamic parameters measurement
      • Maximum working frequency control

    • 100% additional (screening) tests and foreign electronic components quality control

      • Thermal cycle test (5-10)
      • Burn-in test 168 h
      • Leak check
      • Destructive physical analysis (during selection)
      • Loose particles control

    • Selection test for thermomechanical and climatic effects for the conformance to customer specifications

      • Mechanical 
        • determination of constructive-technological reserves to the impact of mechanical shocks of a single action;
        • determination of structural and technological reserves to the effect of linear acceleration;
        • checking the absence of critical frequencies in a given range;
        • mechanical shocks of repeated exposure;
        • mechanical shock single exposure;
        • broadband random vibration;
        • sinusoidal vibration;
        • acoustic noise;
        • linear acceleration;
        • determination of resonant frequencies.
      • Climatic and biological
        • high and low temperature;
        • temperature change (thermal cycles);
        • increased humidity;
        • salt foаg;
        • solar radiation;
        • static and dynamic dust;
        • low pressure;
        • rain;
        • mold;
        • fire safety;
        • solderability.

Foreign electronic radio components certification tests 2013 – 2014

Test volume, items                                                                                                Rejected after the certefication test, %
ENG Ispita ERI IP za 2015 ENG Obemi sert isp ERI IP za 2015

Foreign electronic radio components certification tests 2013 – 2014

Test volume, items
ENG Serf isp20132014 1.jpg
  Rejected after the certification test, %

  ENG Serf isp20132014 2.jpg


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