ECB failure analysis

For ECB failure analysis in the testing center the following physicotechnical control methods are used:
  • optical microscopy;
  • X-ray inspection;
  • acoustic microscopy;
  • electronic microscopy;
  • electron microprobe analysis;
  • mass spectrometry;
  • foreign particles control (PIND test)
  • leak check (large and small break methods)

ECB failure analysis examples (example 1 and example 2
Examples of physicotechnical ECB failure analysis

Non-destructive control

  • X-ray inspection
  • Acoustic microscopy
  • Foreign particles control
  • Leak check (large and small break methods)

Destructive physical analysis
  • Mass spectrometry humidity control method
  • Visual optical control
  • Scanning electronic microscopy methods
  • Interconnect durability control
  • Die shift test
  • Leads durability control


          eovolution                               az 2 min                               az 4 min
                       Acoustic microscope Evolution II                                             Probe station Signatone S-1160                  Mounting packages with reference humidity

                              az 3 min                                       az 1 min
                      Interconnect durability control. Condor XYZTEC dies shift                                                    Decapsulator NSC PS102W            


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