Information systems

The test center of JSC “Russian Research Institute “Electronstandart” produces and supplies electronic directories of certification tests (IRS EEE) and resistance to radiation factors (IRS ASI). These systems are available to the public on the website of the test center.

1 isInformation and reference system of electronic component base (IRS EEE)

Information and reference system of national and foreign EEE (IRS EEE) is designed to collect, store and provide information about EEE testing to the enterprises manufacturing special- and general-purpose equipment, involved governmental agencies, parent enterprises, test centers and sub-suppliers. IRS EEE provides easy search by EEE classes, part types, their characteristics and influencing factors. It provides the EEE test requestors with the data on the course of testing as well as access to the structured test results (protocols, reports, additional materials). Agencies and parent enterprises may obtain statistical data on the performed tests (scope, nomenclature), application of national and foreign EEE that has passed the tests and on EBC reliability and other characteristics.

System data

IRS EEE contains records about tests performed at JSC “RSRI “Electronstandart” and by its subcontractors since 2009. It is updated on a real-time basis as new tests are being performed. In March 2014, IRS EEE contained data on tests of 13225 part types (6568 of national production and 6657 of foreign production), 234 classes, 524 national and foreign manufacturers of electronic components. Data on 20 484 tests.

Advantages for RSRIES TC customers

JSC “RSRI “Electronstandart” Test Center customers may obtain extended access to IRS EEE. It becomes possible for them to communicate with RSRIES TC electronically during negotiation process: coordinate contracts with RSRIES TC including lists of electronic components to be tested, test programs and techniques, additional agreements and co-decisions. One of the definite advantages is receiving timely information about the items that have failed the tests. Customers are then able to make decisions on the rejected lots quickly and efficiently. Resulting test protocols are available for customers almost immediately once they are transferred to IRS EEE from the automated test control system of RSRIES TC (TC ACS). All documentation related to the contract and performed tests is available for unlimited period of time after the contract is completed.

Possibilities for other test centers and laboratories

Other test centers and laboratories may use the advantages of IRS EEE developing the interface between their own test control systems and IRS EEE, regularly uploading information about testing to the latter. RSRIES TC provides information about the interface upon request.

2 isPossibilities for ministries and agencies

Involved ministries and agencies may use IRS EEE to analyze the need in electronic components during realization of import substitution programs, analyze the product range purchased by affiliates, obtain summarized information about the performed tests, scopes of delivery, reliability of EEE.

3 is4 is

The information and reference system of electronic component base (IRS EEE) contains reference materials about the results of certification tests of domestically produced and foreign EEEs designed for kitting the gilt-edged apparatus of strategically valuable facilities performed at JSC “RSRI “Electronstandart”. Follow the link below to see a list of EEEs tested for compliance with the model of external influencing factors.


Interindustrial information and reference system for electronic component base radiation resistance to the impact of specific factors

The interindustrial information and reference system of EEE (IRS) is designed to collect, store and display information about product testing for the impact of specific factors. IRS is an official edition of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and the Federal Space Agency. The reference book contains information about radiation resistance of domestically produced EEEs manufactured according to specification “9”, “5” and ”1” in compliance with the requirements of state standards “Climate-6” and “Climate-7” as well as foreign EEEs with the quality level “space”, “military”, “industrial” and “commercial” manufactured in compliance with the requirements of the USA military standards MIL-STD-883, MIL-STD-975 and the standards of the European Space Agency, ESA 9000. IRS includes data on EEE radiation resistance when exposed to various kinds of ionizing and electromagnetic radiations as protocols (digital arrays) and functional and analytical dependences of EEE acceptance criteria changes on the kinds of radiations and the levels of influencing factors:  
- integral (structural) and dose effects including the enhanced low dose rate sensitivity (ELDRS) effects);
- reversible (pulse) effects when exposed to gamma and gamma/neutron pulse;
- failure and thyristor effect levels when exposed to single charged particles of space;
- information about EEE electric strength when exposed to single voltage pulses due to high electromagnetic fields of artificial and natural origin.
The information and reference system, IRS ASI, contains reference information about radiation resistance of the electronic component base, the results of tests in national and foreign EEE test centers designed for apparatus kitting at special facilities.

5 isIRS provides the authorized users with the service of search and selection of EEE for the products exposed to specific factors. IRS contains information about the tests performed at JSC “RSRI “Electronstandart”, JSC “NII KP”, FSUE “RISI” and others and is updated as new tests are being performed. In March 2014 IRS included data on tests of approximately 10000 domestically produced and foreign part types of all main classes, and about 900 manufacturing companies.


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