Research activities

Main areas of research and development works:

·        development of methods of accelerated reliability evaluation for electronic devices produced as single samples and in small lots with various kinds of production (discontinuous and erratic);

·        improvement of the reference and information system and updating of the data base on reliability and radiation resistance of integrated circuits according to testing and calculation results;

·        development  of methods of quick quality audit for the promising foreign electronic components;

·        improvement of the physical and technical analysis methods for semiconductor and nanostructures and physical and technical simulation of electronic and nanoelectronic item operation processes;

·        development of methods to provide radiation and electromagnetic resistance of EEE and nanoelectronics operating as part of equipment with special service conditions;

·        development of technical standard documentation for Electronic Component Base and nanoelectronic items (state standard, general specifications, specifications, guidelines),  maintenance of the database of the product quality;

·        optimization of the scope of tests and development of qualification, certification and screening test methods;

·        development of computational and experimental methods for evaluation of reliability characteristics of electronic items including nanoelectronics exposed to continuous radiation and strong electromagnetic fields;

·        execution of the scientific and technical expertise and failure analysis of EEE and nanoelectronics during production and operation;

·        evaluation of radiation resistance of EEE and nanoelectronics exposed to ionizing radiation.


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