In 1948 the Institute (PKB-170) was assigned with functions of the parent company in the field of departmental and interdepartmental normalization and standardization of radio products.

In the same year publishing activities of the Institute began, first normal, then the reference materials, regulations and guidelines, industry and government standards, IEC publications, SENEL, ISO.

In 1959 the first issue of the scientific and technical collection "Questions of Radio Electronics," "Unification and normalization" chapter, was published by the State Council of Ministers Committee on Electronics.

The journal was prepared by spesialists of PKB-170.

More than 10 corresponding collections were published over the next few years.

And in 1966 the largest project of the Ministry of Electronic Industry of the USSR started.It was the scientific and technical collection "Electronic Equipment" issued in 12 series.

Institute "Electrostandard" produced series № 12 "Quality management and standardization", and then series № 8 "Quality management, metrology, standardization".

A little later another name of series "Tests" was added. During the years of publishing a unique experience of work with regulatory and scientific and technical information was accumilated, highly range of  qualified professionals - authors, editors, reviewers, and readers not only from the staff of the Institute, and other enterprises of electronic and radio industries, educational institutions was formed.

With the beginning of "Perestroika" the entire information industry system collapsed.

Many scientific journals were closed. According to objective reasons, many series "Electronic Technology" were disappearing one after another.

In 1993 RNII "Electrostandard" CEO with the support of Leningrad enterprises of the electronics industry made a decision to start the publication of an independent journal, which was called "Petersburg electronics journal." The continuity of scientific activities, accumulated experience and unique specialists were retained.

And so for more than 20 years, "Petersburg electronics journal" keeps pace with its founder and publisher "RRI" Electronstandart".

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