Council of young scientists and specialists

The Council of young scientists and specialists of JSC “RSRI “Electronstandart” that has united the youth representatives from every department was established in May 2015.

The Council has the goals of helping young employees to live up to their potential realization in scientific and professional sphere; organization of the youth participation in facing the development challenges of JSC “RSRI “Electronstandart” and national radio-electronic industry on the whole; supporting technical, organizational and collective cultural initiatives of young specialists; development of the mentoring institution.


JSC RRI ‘Electronstandart’ has traditionally supported the Open Doors Week which took place in the framework of the corporate youth policy of JSC "Ruselectronics”. During this week, in April 2016 JSC RRI Electronstandart was visited by more than 180 students interested in the work of the enterprise. Students of five universities took part in the event: St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University ‘LETI’, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, the Bonch-Bruevich St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications, St. Petersburg State University and St. Petersburg State University of Economics. The event was organized and performed by the JSC RRI ‘Electronstandart’ Council of Young Scientists and Specialists approved and supported by the Institute administration.

The program includes getting to know the work of testing and measuring departments, IC packaging sections. The university profile, students specialties, year of study as well as participants’ wishes were considered while preparing the event program. Specialists collaborating with students were chosen according to the mentioned characteristics.
Every tour consisted of three parts.
In the beginning the guests heard the story of the Institute and its modern state, development plans and perspectives which are interesting to young specialists.

The second part included excursion to the Tesing and Certification Center of ECB and electronic equipment which is equipped with modern measuring, testing and analytical facilities for testing and examination of electronic components and ECB parts. Students met specialists of the center conducting additional (screening) tests, certification tests failure analysis, shared their experience, particularities of their work, demonstrated testing process.

At the end, students were shown the manufacturing complex of packaging and testing radiation hardened IC, VLSI circuits in ceramic-metal and plastic cases, created in the framework of the investment project “Technological re-equipment of the testing center for carrying out complex works of packaging and testing of complex integrated circuits” being the part of Federal program “Development of electronic component base and electronic equipment” in 2012-2014.

It is important to note that several university professors also took part in the event, as they wanted to receive first hand information about the most advanced scientific and technical development lines and to enlarge their knowledge base as teachers.

As a result, the participants of the event became familiarized with the modern knowledge-intensive enterprize, formed a positive view of the current situation in the microcircuit industry in Russia, good working conditions and job prospects. The event was useful from the caree guidance point of view, helping students to focus on successful studying and show the way to professional growth. Organizers received a lot of positive reviews. Many participants confessed that wanted to work in the institute. Some student involvement suggestions are already being discussed.


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