Council of young scientists and specialists

The Council of young scientists and specialists of JSC “RSRI “Electronstandart” that has united the youth representatives from every department was established in May 2015.

The Council has the goals of helping young employees to live up to their potential realization in scientific and professional sphere; organization of the youth participation in facing the development challenges of JSC “RSRI “Electronstandart” and national radio-electronic industry on the whole; supporting technical, organizational and collective cultural initiatives of young specialists; development of the mentoring institution.

Participation in scientific and information forum JSC "SVETLANA-ELEKTRONPRIBOR"

18 of June 2016 the representative of the Council of young scientists and specialists Pavel S. Kuvalkin (Lead Engineer, JSC "RNII" Electrostandard "), participated in the 1st Scientific and Information Forum JSC <Svetlana-Elektronpribor>, organized by JSC <Svetlana-Elektronpribor > in a picturesque district of the Leningrad region, in a recreation center <Georgian-4>.

The event program included a discussion of high-tech problems which could be solved by young professionals and scientists associated with the production and testing of materials and components of the microwave destination,


1. Powerful <GaN Hemt transistors>;

2. Microgeometry control;

3. Innovative solutions in the field of projection systems in photolithography.

The event included aentertaining games (orienteering) and sports (eg volleyball).

We are grateful to the Youth Committee of JSC <Svetlana-Elektronpribor> for the invitation and the high level of the event.


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