Petersburg Electronics marazine publication rules

1. An article is taken into consideration only if the following supporting documents are included:
- A statement of the author for the publication indicating the personal data, place of work / study, degree, passport details, postal and e-mail addresses,
- An official referral from the organization in which the work is done,
- An expert opinion confirming the possibility of open publication.

2. The article should include the following:
  the corresponding index of Universal Decimal Classification (UDC);
  initials and surname of the author;
  summary in Russian and English languages;
  the text of the article itself;
The volume of published articles is usually up to 12 pages, including illustrations.

3. The article should be prepared in the text editor MS Word for Windows and submitted as a file (.doc or .docx format), sent by mail or recorded on a flash or an optical (CD) disk, as well as two printed copies.

4. Article formatting: single line spacing, justified text indentation - 0,7 cm.
When typing text only standard format True Type Fonts can be used - NewtonC and Symbol. The font size of the main text - 12 points, notes and references - 10 points. Size of the paper - A4 (210 x 297 mm).

5. Illustrations for the article are submitted as separate files. The drawings are executed in accordance with the following: TIFF, resolution 300 pixels / inch (for grayscale photos JPEG format is allowed, for graphics - GIF format); vector graphics - in Corel DRAW format
  raster drawings - in WMF format
  size of the illustration must not be more than 17 x 20 cm;
  alphabetic and numeric designations in the drawings must comply with the symbols in the text, and the mark of the Greek and Russian letters sould be direct;  
  letters and numbers indicating the number of positions should be italic;
  Text information that is not an integral part of the figure, and the symbols should be carried in the text of the article itself or in the image description.
Photos are accepted in electronic form. There should be referenced in the text for all illustrative material.

6. It is necessary to strictly observe uniformity of terms of dimensions, symbols, abbreviations. Units must comply with the SI system.

7. The formulas should be numbered in parentheses, for example (2), literary references - in direct, for example [2], descenders notes should be marked with asterisks *.

8. Tables should have subject headings. All the words in the column titles should be singular and should not have abbreviations.

9. References should be made in accordance with GOST 7.1 - 2003 and be provided as a general list at the end.

10. The publication is made for free for the authors, including graduate students.

Editorial address:
Saint Petersburg, Tsvetochnaya str. 25, building 3;
тел/факс (812) 676-29-54;
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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